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Our Story

Madison Avenue Christian Church has a long, rich history. Officially dedicated in 1913, the congregation grew out of several prior historical events. The two videos below detail much of the early history of the church.

Founded and built in downtown Covington, KY before the sprawling suburbs of Northern Kentucky appeared, we have wrestled from time to time throughout our recent history with whether to stay in an urban setting or to move to a more populous and wealthy neighborhood. Each time that idea has been discussed, our members have resolved to remain in our original location in order to serve the people of Covington, particularly the disadvantaged and poor. The size of our membership, like most mainline Protestant churches, has fluctuated; yet, we have remained a vibrant community of believers, dedicated to excellent and inspiring worship together, and to many varied forms of community outreach. 

MACC is a home for those who want to make a difference - in their own lives, and in the lives of others, near and far.

                                                                        MACC EARLY HISTORY - Video Pt. 1

                                                                         MACC EARLY HISTORY - Video Pt. 2

H I S T O R Y    T I M E L I N E

1904  29-year-old Joseph W. Hagin becomes minister of the Fourth Street Church

1909  Central Christian Church (Cov.) formed following a tent meeting at 18th & Greenup

1912  Fourth Street Church and Central Christian consolidate; Articles of Incorporation filed, groundbreaking

1913  First service held in new building; Joseph Hagin chosen as first minister; new building dedicated
            November 30th

1918  Services suspended for several weeks due to the flu epidemic

1926  New organ dedicated as well as a third stained glass window in the sanctuary

1927  Rev. Hagin moves to Ashland; the new minister is Rev. Kenneth Bowen

1930  Educational Building completed as the country enters the Great Depression

1940s  Money woes plague the church, but membership continues to grow

1945   Rev. Bowen becomes President of College of the Bible in Lexington; Barton Johnson becomes the 3rd minister

1950  The adjoining lot south of the building purchased for a parking lot

1951  Fourth stained glass window installed

1950s  Membership reaches peak with over 1000 members listed

1957  Sanctuary air conditioning installed

1959  Second lot south of the church purchased for parking lot

1963  50th Anniversary celebration (the same week as the Kennedy Assassination)

1965  Rev. Barton Johnson and his talented wife Vivian retires after 20 years

1967  Rev. Lawrence Crane becomes the 4th minister

1970  Rev. Crane dies suddenly of a stroke; Rev. Robert Anderson becomes the 5th minister

1970s  Suburban sprawl causes decline in membership

1977  Rev. Anderson leaves for a church in Georgia; 29-year-old Dr. Philip V. Miller becomes the 6th minister

1980s  Organ refurbished and sanctuary painted and decorated

1985  Dr. Miller leaves for a church in Paducah; Rev. Peter Moon becomes the 7th minister

1990  Rev. J. Michel Delaney becomes the 8th minister

1990s  A time of transition as attendance and membership declines

1997  Long Range Plan sets church in a new direction of outreach to the community and Inclusion Ministry

2000  Prayer breakfast started on Sunday mornings, becomes the forerunner of the Community Dinners

2004  Chinna M. Simon becomes the 9th minister; MACC hosts a benefit for Indonesia tsunami victims

2005  Monday evening Community Dinners begin; Purchase of the car parts lot; Capital campaign for garden and parking

2006  Completion of the “Garden Parking Lot” and various interior renovations

2008  Samaritan Car Care Clinic begins; partnership with NKU Nursing Program

2009  Addition of Community Dinners on Wednesday evenings

2010  Annual Community Santa Workshop dinner and children's gift giveaway begins

2011  MACC Hosts the NKY Community Event for Hungry and Homeless

2012  Stained glass windows restoration begins

2013  100th Anniversary Celebration events

2014  MACC hosts Empowering Youth, Covington Youth Symposium (Safe Neighborhoods Project)

2015  Cornerstone reset 

2016  Music & Mission concert to celebrate the restoration of our sanctuary piano

2017  Transition House project; MACC hosts Summer Health Fair; hosts "An Evening of Hope" to raise funds for victims of
             Puerto Rico hurricane

2018  Major property renovations to the south parking lot and building; sculptures installed in north lot garden area

2019  Transition House totally renovated; pipe organ renovation is begun; celebration of Chinna M. Simon's 15th year as Senior
             Minister of MACC

2020  Covid-19 shuts down MACC and the country in March; MACC closes for only one week and then starts live-streaming services; MACC Community Dinners continue uninterrupted by Covid-19 pandemic (but held outside); Samaritan Car Care continues its assistance programming throughout the pandemic; Services in sanctuary restart in June
2021  Pandemic still limits some church activities; Sunday school, choir and youth groups re-start in spring/summer; Death of beloved organist Jeehan Park; Organ renovation completed with dedication; Major roof repair completed
2022  Ground-breaking of a new building for Samaritan Car Care Clinic, now an independent 501-C non-profit agency; Celebration of Bruce Kintner's 22 years as MACC volunteer Music Director

2023  MACC website completely rebuilt and published; Resignation of Jimmy Leach as Music Director/installation of three volunteer members in rotation as Music Director: Bruce Kintner, John Kreitler, Paige Weeks